In addition to our ready made planters, you don’t have to send your old bath to landfill, upcycle it with our Self Assembly option and turn it into a beautiful planter for your garden! Our kit comes complete with full instructions.

  1. First of all remove your old bath from your bathroom!

2. Clean off any residual silicone or tile adhesive

3. Nice clean bath ready for Self Assembly Kit!

4. Unwrap your Plughole Planter Self Assembly Kit!

5. Assemble as per instructions supplied

6. Drop your old bath into the assembled frame (two people are recommended for this!)

7. Align top ensuring it is centralised – if no weed control fabric is required this is the finished planter

8. If weed control is preferred, ensure this is fitted before the top!

9. Fix top over weed control fabric

10. Your very own self-built Plughole Planter!

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