One of mankind’s eternal problems is this: Beer should be cold, but it always tastes better when the weather is hot, and if it’s hot, the beer also quickly gets hot, and you can’t put ice in your beer because that is disgusting. A long problem, as you can see. Long and difficult. So we should probably come up with a short and simple solution: Beer Chiller Koozie.

Whereas regular beer coolers do not actually cool the beer but instead just keep it at the same temperature for a short while, this beer chiller actually does what it promises – it makes your beer cold. This is due to the beer koozie’s rare and clever design made of polystyrene, freezer gel and aluminium. Just leave the beer koozie in the freezer until it’s time to enjoy a beer, then put your drink in the beer chiller and it will cool your drink and keep it cold for up to 5 hours. Thank you Beer Chiller Koozie!

And, remember, the beer chiller works just as well with soft drinks.

Facts about Beer Chiller Koozie
Beer chiller size: 10 x 10 cm
Inside dimensions (where you put the bottle): 6.9 cm diameter
Fits all standard aluminium cans, glass bottles, etc.
How it works: The beer Koozie has an insulating outer shell with aluminium on the inside that slowly releases from the freezer gel and through the cold to your drink
Chill your drink and keep it cold for up to 5 hours
Keep the Beer Chiller Koozie in the freezer for about 8 hours before use
Beer Chiller koozie are sold individually

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